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IMAS Integrated Machinery Systems Co. was established in 1989 in the scope of Ittifak Holding, which has been operating in the most important sectors in Turkey.

Along with its professional staff, IMAS has been enriching the sectors of grain milling with its trademark Milleral; feed milling with Viteral; band and circular saw machines with Cuteral; and steel construction with Steral.

IMAS set its strategy so as to develop the true product that can meet the changing needs of the customers; to apply a kind of modular approach on manufacturing, and to produce well designed high quality products. IMAS cares about its products to be qualified, reliable and long lasting.

MILLERAL; is the trademark of IMAS that carries grain milling machines and systems and the 28-year experience of IMAS to the sector, providing the services of producing, manufacturing and establishing the complete facilities as turnkey, and the machines used in the transform of grains like wheat, corn, rye, and oat into the flour or semolina.

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Company Profile

VITERAL; is the trademark which successfully carries the services of producing and establishing bovine, ovine and poultry feed milling machines and turnkey facilities to the sector.


CUTERAL; is the trademark which carries the high speed horizontal band saw machines in many models like semi and full automatic, pivot, double column, circular, high speed and PLC band saw machines to the sector.

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Company Profile

STERAL; has been operating in the fields of establishing turnkey projects like steel constructing, industrial buildings, service buildings, social buildings (hotel, mall, hospital), stadiums and bridges. We are proud of providing our customers with innovative services along with our experienced, vision holder, and professional staff by means of project designing, manufacturing, constructing and assembly.


Our factory site has 60.000 square-meter opened; and 25.650 square-meter closed areas. In the site, there are parking lots of 42 cars, 1 km walkway, basketball and volleyball courts, and some arbors to chill out. By means of 1850 square-meter warehouse, the arrangement has been provided in the factory site.

By replacing 19 cantilever cranes in our factory, which is a first in Turkey, it became possible to operate 3 separate cranes at the same hall, at the same time. Along with 32 cranes in total, the delivery inside of the factory has been accelerated.

Attaching importance to the work safety and worker health, IMAS has prevented the emission of stain, dust, and smoke into the factory building by separating the departments like dyeing, welding and cabinetry, so that they can get filtered out without breathing. By covering the surrounding of welding area, it is provided to insulate the sound inside the factory.

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