Turnkey Projects

Along with its Milleral, Viteral and Steral trademarks, IMAS is able to offer high efficiency products to the milling, feed milling and steel construction sectors, as well as producing turnkey plants and ensuring you to operate your mill with high efficiency and perfect system integration.

In Turnkey Projects;

Building designs and machinery layouts are done according to the investor’s target capacity. These designs are also turned into a workflow system with diagrams according to the desired product specifications.

Facility Site Setup And Management

Standard technical trainings are given by the qualified trainers of Milleral, Viteral and Steral to the technical staff who will work during and after the commissioning of the facility. It is ensured that the employees have a high-level of knowledge of the basic principles of milling, feed milling and steel construction systems; and the operation and maintenance of the machines.

Machine Production

IMAS and its trademarks offer a continuous 24/7 service with a Pro Support team to ensure projects work smoothly, and to provide immediate support in case of service and spare parts requirements. Whether they have a facility belonging to an IMAS brand or not, this team serves all related sectors in the same quality of Milleral, Viteral and Steral trademarks.

Turnkey Projects
Turnkey Projects

Project Design

The machines needed for the project are produced with a feature that is specific to the project and will provide the minimum cost. Mechanical and electrical assembly is designed according to the principle of maximum efficiency by our expert assembly teams in the assembly department. These designs enable the facility to be started in the shortest time planned and with the fastest flow of system. All these studies are carried out under the control of our supervisors, and the quality of the system is guaranteed.

Facility Assembly And Supervision

After the installation is completed and all necessary controls are made, the factory is commissioned. Our expert team provides that the facility achieves the targeted capacity, performance and final product quality values.